Does your branding tell your unique story?

With years of experience working with big brands, I’ve seen firsthand how an impactful brand identity can support and fuel business growth. That’s why I work closely with my clients to find out what makes their business unique and then create a stand-out brand identity that tells their story, so that it engages and connects with their ideal customer.


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Do you have a brand, or just a logo?

If you want your brand to be memorable, you need a cohesive and confident visual presence, and your logo is just one part of this. With my clients I look at the bigger picture, where they want to go with their business, and I provide them with the visual toolkit to get there.


About me

Hi, I’m Evelyn. I help businesses and organisations by creating confident and consistent branding that gives them a competitive edge.

By having distinctive branding, that reflects their personality, passion and purpose, they not only increase their recognition, but they attract their dream clients.

I would highly recommend working with Evelyn, she is very professional and engaging and has an ability to see and communicate your business and brand in ways that you may never have thought of.
— Alison Egan, Life, Business & Executive Coach

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